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Art of Luxury is a high-level playing field for those who succeed and actually have the desire to admire the premium brands in the combintion of world-class space, elaborate stage, perfectly shows…

The Event is going to be held during the time from 24 to 26 December 2011 at a 5 star hotel in Hanoi


Exhibition: hundreds of premium brands around the world will be exhibited in three days in a specially decorated to coordinate the installation art, light art ...

Show: Fashion from the leading brands and Vietnam, combined with the subtle magic of the American magician Harry Houdini world famous singer and leading Asian Audiophile Susan Wong.

Luxury Aution: Products in "luxury" associated with specific things like the names of the stars, celebrity auction brought in a single session at the Art of Luxury 2011

Luxury & Fame: The opportunity to attend Gala Dinner with a lots of stars and famous people of Vietnam and the world are invited to the Art of Luxury 2011

Art of Luxury 2011 is where you can find the special experience and overwhelmed in a luxurious, high- class

The artists bring fascinating item is the most elaborately staged

You enjoy art and admire the Luxury brands with a special service and separate the highest level ...

Art of Luxury 2011 confirmed the unique strict philosophy, most beautiful, most expensive ..


Brand exhibition: to be the target consumer class, won for the target customers access to a product in an overall luxurious space, all ornate and full of art is the best way to conquer them.

Sponsor: Sponsor a class event to show the size of the donor. Sponsors are entitled to numerous benefits to help sponsor images stand out on the media directly and indirectly. Sponsors Art of Luxuryla fastest way to capture the hearts clients and partners.

Extremely valuable to be served in a luxurious space, all ornate and full of art is the best way to conquer them.

The Vistors: A very rare opportunity to enjoy and experience the world's top show at the Vietnam admire the world class brands in a luxurious space, all ornate and full of art. Having met the stars and celebrities in the country and the world ...


Special Financing: 100,000.00 usd

Diamond Sponsors: 50.000.00 usd

Gold sponsors : 20,000.00 usd


VIP Area: 2,500.00 usd / booth

Zone A: 2,000.00 usd / booth

Zone B: 1,500.00 usd / booth

(For further information, please contact NCK (Vietnam))


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