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Enter a world of complete relaxation, where time is left at the door and you begin a new journey far away from the pressures and pace of everyday life. Sesame Spa&Salon is the perfect retreat, a quiet sanctuary and peaceful haven in which to indulge in an exclusive selection of spa therapies and beauty treatments. 
Discover an exotic blend of therapies for men and women from around the globe, with spa treatments, and other exclusive product. Sesame Spa&Salon is where help you to recover your energy and glow.
Our philosophy: Believing that wellness lies in the best combination of Asian knowledge & skills and western standards of quality, Coconut Spa delivers a unique and tailor-made spa experience that ravishes the senses while being kept up to date with the latest beauty therapies.
How do we differ from others? Our warm and friendly hospitality, our individualized treatments and cares, a sensory place and atmosphere where one can indulge in being pampered, looked after, feeling home…away from home. We do believe our therapist team to be our strength and the key of both our success and our guests’ unforgettable experiences.
Our diferences: A key word describing best Sesame spa destination would be "natural", by this meaning that the ultimate luxury is reconnecting with natural elements. ...Seeking for local, exotic and natural experiences that they can't get back home, an experience they have been looking forward to and may not have twice the opportunity to live: Sesame Spa is the One fulfilling their needs and expectations.
Our experts can advise you whether on designing Sesame Spa architectural concept, renovating and turning an existing spa . We always keep in mind that the guest satisfaction experience and the maximization of revenue potential goes hand by hand to propose the best concept of spa and treatments.
With years of experience, Sesame Spa is able to order and provide any equipments and retail or treatment products of high standards of quality as required by luxury hotels and maintain them in perfect conditions at all time.
...We offer technology expertise, knowledgeable merchandizing and buying strategies, spa treatments and programs based on hotel/resort demographic, spa rates calculation, evaluation and staff management

Facial care & Eye treatment
Facial Features Treatment
Relaxing with Heat Revival Therapy
Therapeutic Touch
The Body Spa Packages
Body Spa & Therapy
The Hand and Foot Spa Treatment  
Hair & Hair cut services
Pedicure & Manacure
 5th Floor Fortuna Hotel | 84 Tran Nhan Tong Street, Hanoi, Vietnam  | T:  (84 4) 3822 3535  | E: | W:  
SESAME SPA - The Garden
STAR FITNESS BITEXCO | 4th Floor - The Garden Building - Hanoi | T: +84.4 37875353 | E: | W:

SESAME SPA - Fortuna
5th Floor Fortuna Hotel | 6B Lang Ha - Ba Dinh - Hanoi | T: +8443831 3333. Ext. 6500 | E: | W:


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