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 1. Overview 

- English as medium of communication, is key to integration and opportunity to seek seek for business cooperation opportunities internationally

- We live in an era of information technology boom, but most information on the internet, the computer software used English as an official language.

- The vast majority of office Vietnamese employees are not currently able to use English fluently and efficiently

2. Project objectives:

2.1: Quality objectives for learners:

- Creating opportunities for learners to improve their English quickly,

- Learners have access to new learning methods, shorten learning time, maximizing efficiency

- Learn directly through practical daily situations related to the life and work

- Improving communication skills, negotiation and express in English by practicing with a native speakers and the guidance of native speakers

- Developing the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, focusing on direct communication skills ....

- More skills for work and at work are acquirable through English learning in this way 

2.2: Business Goals


- Trading on the masses, focusing on the object-income working

- Deliver real value to students from that creating the business profitable

- Business on demand but in fact creative way

3. Method of implementation

3.1: How organizations


- Develop the "cinema" method, selling tickets to students based on actual needs not course.

- Students are not bound by the program, or specific programs but buying tickets to the theme and the corresponding level.

- Classes grouped under the guidance of foreign teachers and experts from the business.

- Teachers who teach foreign direct up to a large class to 100 students

- Use flexible hall for the classroom as a forum ...

 3.2: Time & Place


 3.3: Elements of cooperation



3.4: Sketch of the topic

Divided into three levels from low to high:

Level A: Discovery

Level B: Passion

Level C: Champion

+ Discovery (10 demo topics)

1. Who are you?

2. Why are you here?

3. What do you self expect?

4. How is your target?

5. What are your habits?

6. Talk about love.

7. Let's Spend some free time.

8. Travel make man

9. Life is good

10. Ready for next step

+ Passion (8 demo topics)

1. Life Plan

2. Presentation Potential $ 1 mil to your client

3. Useful Internet

4. Enjoy music

5. Enjoy travel

6. Tips & value for network connection

7. Tips for work and life balance

8. Ready for next step

+ Champion (8 demo topics)

1. Success presentation

2. Action speaks loud

3. 8 intellectual qualities

4. Love more

5. Synergy and its power

6. Hard working

7. Technology & Informative success

8. I am champion

4. The model study sample (120 minutes)

00 to 15: Warm up, teachers and prepare students with vocabulary, phrases, sentences used in lessons

15-30: Topic: theme activities under the guidance of teacher standards

30 to 60: Free style: The team practiced by topic

60 to 70: Tea break

70-90: Presentation

90-110: Summary

110-120: Ending

5. Initial work and progress

5.1: Complete the cooperation is based on draft proposals

5.2 Complete detailed plan (after completion of 5.1)

5.3: complete investment plan and legal (after completing 5.2)

5.4: Implementation of the actual work done (after completion of 5.1, 5.2; 5.3)

5.4.1: machine operator

5.4.2: Regulation on Management and Operation

5.4.3: Strategic marketing and enrollment

5.4.4: The plan details

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