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In nature, all organisms are adapted and evolved to survive and grow.

In the business environment as well, your brand will also need to adapt to market changes, the vision and business objectives of your business.

Your brand has the function to highlight and convey the true business of the enterprise as well as the commitment of business to customers you target.

A successful brand can not be built overnight, but it is formed in the consumer's mind through the experience and connection with the interference of emotion, belief and ideas between your business and customers. Therefore, the interaction (be positive or negative) to reflect the customer through the invisible and visible elements converge in each brand will have a direct impact affects behavior of the customers that is reflected in the decision to buy and to be brand loyalty with products and services that the your business own.

For that reason, NCK Brand Solution believes that we have a mission to know how to turn a potential brand into a successful brand as a consultant, creative design professional brand in such commercial principles as following:

 1.Strategy and positioning 

 2. Design and Messaging

 3. Application and Introduction

 4.Management and Training


We provide these services:

1. Building a brand new (Brand Building)

We help you to do from very first step that is strategic planning to creative designing and brand managing, We provide innovative design positioning a brand new package completely.

2. Refresh your brand (Brand Refreshing)

Redesign the brand identity, the brand is not stayed, inefficient, or outdated will be adjusted to accommodate new objectives and ensure development of the business.

3. Merger your Brands  (Brand Merging)

Design brand association, brand mergers, brand collaboration ...

4. Expand your Brand (Brand Expanding)

Serving the expansion, creating the parent brand, sub brand to the enterprise-scale development or diversification of the brand, line of business.

5. Standardize your Brand (Brand Clarifying )

Adjustment, simplified, making the brand more complex, cumbersome or more effectively, maximize the effect.


B: Process Implementation

Pre-step | Brand Pre-Assessment

Prepare for brand strategy, we studied every aspect of brand influence. Starting from the needs and resources of corporate capital in order to clarify the current position and shape of the business objectives to establish a plan for success and define the most effective way to achieve it.

Step 1 | Brand Strategy

Find out and shaped to open up opportunities to build strategic channel and brand recognition and build brand message synthesized to satisfy the target customer group and aim to build sustainable relationships between brand and the impact of the brand to the organization and target customers.

Step 2 | Brand Development

Discovery and Design to create a complete brand identity convergence power images, and non-verbal language to convey the message effectively. Base idea (concept) of the brand identity will gradually be brought into even subconscious perception of the target customer groups and brand meaning will be effective

Step 3 | Brand Implementation

Apply and take their brand to the fact that an important step transition from the theoretical basis to reality when the brand identity to be recognized through the media, the media from the smallest to the largest most. Application of the brand identity is brought to life most fully.

Step 4 | Brand Management

Guidance and supervision of the brand will allow the efficiency of the brand continued to develop over time. When the brand identity design and application - The management is essential to ensure the brand is "operating" perfectly with its diverse applications in the short term and long term.



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