Gala Dinner - Viet Entrepreneurs Desire (27/09/2011 04:05:45)


Time: Date 18.01.2012.
Organizer: NCK (Vietnam) – Producer: Eventplus
Venue: Thang Long Ballroom, (TBC) Melia Hanoi hotel

I. Overview
• Entrepreneurs are the captains steering the boat of businesses to conquest the waves to reach the market successfully landing the target shore. Powerful Entrepreneurs force are precious resource to bring prosperity to the country.
• Successful Entrepreneurs are now subjects to be honored
• Gala dinner: “Viet Entrepreneur Desire” is the annual festival held that business people of Vietnam and government representatives together to celebrate the business achievements gained, and show the burning desire for a New Year.
• Gala dinner where the businessmen exchange the information, knowledge and experimence, link to be a network and to create more power and success-oriented.
• Gala dinner is the place to see, business is not just business, they are people who sympathize with the heart, the desire to share with future generations an increasingly strong following in the footsteps of his predecessors to build country stronger.
Fund " Viet Entrepreneur Desire “ is to support for a new career aspirations, legitimate enrichment

II. Contents:
1. Welcome:
• Registration (welcome reception, flowers, invited to prepare position, cocktail, free exchange before the opening.)
• Welcome the VIPs (the governmental guests, special guests)
2. Gala program
• MC invites guest in seat
• Introduce participants
• Monitor the opening dance themed Viet Entrepreneurs Desire
• Introduce governmental statement (Deputy Prime Minister)
• Memorial gifts and souvenir photograph taken
• Party starting Declaration by Organizer
• The cultural Art performing
• Speeches & Presentations during the party
• The charity auction and fund introduction of “ Viet Entrepreneurs Desire”
• Party end addressing
• Free Exchanges

III. Participants:
1. High – excellency Guests (Deputy Prime Minister expected):
• Representing the government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
• Invited agencies / ministries / agencies of central government: (Approximately 20 delegates)
• Provincial delegates : (Approximately 10 delegates).
• International Businessmen
• Reporter: VTV, Hanoi Television, VTC and media agencies.
• Representatives from business corporations, entrepreneurs (about 200 business people)

IV. Registration fee to participate:

• Table: 800 usd / table (10 people)
• Registration before 31 December 2011: 100 usd / person
• Registration after 31 December 2011: 120 usd / person


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