The Art of Luxury 2011 - 2012

Modern life doesn't allow us to stop at the basic needs: Food, clothing, housing ... real life is the desire to explore and conquer the world. Create, admire and enjoy the product, the most advanced services in serving

NCK Brand Solution - Brand success!

We build compelling brand experiences that advance business and impact people. We Design, create and manage your brand image ...Your brand has the function to highlight and convey the true business of the enterprise

NCK (Vietnam)., Ltd

Former Nami Group which was established early in 2003 has been officially changed its name and elevated to be NCK (Vietnam)., Ltd in July 2011.


Starting the business with a group of marketing experts and run the business on the media and event managing field, NCK has grown rapidly both in size and in capacity  as well as effective business performance.


At the present time, NCK (Vietnam)  is operating in multidisciplinary business such as Event holding and management (Eventplus), Brand solution (NCK Brand Solution), Spa and beauty services (Sesame Spa & Salon), property, distribution… with hundreds of permanent employees, advisors and collaborators to meet the demands of the market.

NCK’s people learn all by our hearts and minds together one thing, it is “Gratitude”. We have gratitude for clients, partners and supporters for the reason we exist, serve and develop. For that honor reason, We are turned into a dynamic, professional and integrated force which is evolving and constantly searching and creating the pioneering products and services to bring best value and high yields to clients and customers and commit win-win parnership…


Our business structure and scope are summarized as follows: